Doctor In White Coat With Stethoscope

We are on a mission to simplify healthcare. 
Data is the tool we use to do it.

Our platform translates EHR data into actionable insights within clinical workflows.

We make it easy to use the EHR


We turn patient data into actionable insights by reducing complex calculation and documentation workflows into single clicks


We are HIPPA compliant and deeply committed to protecting patient data. All data is in encrypted in transit and never stored on our servers.


We believe healthcare software should be easy to use. We integrate directly with EHRs through SMART on FHIR and adhere to interoperability standards.

Simplifying healthcare improves the lives of patients, the work of doctors, and the future of hospitals

We believe patients should have easy access to their health data. Easier access, better stewardship, faster learning.

We believe doctors should be free to focus on providing high quality care to their patients without burning out.

We believe patients, doctors, and hospitals should be able to share data simply and securely. 

We believe data curation and quality should be automatic. Hospitals shouldn't have to rely on doctors for accurate information.


Aicalc automates risk calculation using EHR data to improve patient care and increase documentation accuracy.

Ainote will dynamically capture orders and populates note templates to increase documentation speed and accuracy.

Aihealth will help patients access their medical records and improve clinical outcomes through patient engagement.

Aicode uses evidence based guidelines and discrete data in the EHR to help improve hospital reimbursement rates.

Aipatient will allow real time tracking of disease processes and other related factors in a population.

Aimed will aggregate patient medication data, improve patient compliance, and prevent medication errors.

Healthcare is our Passion. Data is our tool.
Feel the same way?