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Will Technology Displace Humans in Healthcare?

Biomedical informatics is the umbrella for all disciplines that encompass health and technology. Often confused with bioinformatics...

3 min read

Jun 16, 2022

Electronic Health Records and the Blockchain

Nothing divides people into camps like an innovative emerging technology. The internet is a fantastic example. Twenty some odd years ago...

5 min read

Mar 18, 2022

Trained to Treat; Paid to Note

Hard to believe 2021 is almost over. Reflecting on all the happenings of the previous 12 months related to Covid-19 and healthcare, I was recently asked why our healthcare system...

6 min read

Dec 30, 2021

Why Healthcare Struggles to Innovate

Ten years ago almost to the day, Steve Yegge, a former Amazon employee working for Google, penned a scathing internal memo on Google plus that...

9 min read

Oct 19, 2021

Where Are Electronic Health Records on the Information Pyramid

We are privileged to live in the information age; data is quite literally at our fingertips. It’s not an exaggeration to say...

6 min read

May 11, 2022

Reinstating Patients as a Stakeholder in their Healthcare

What if you could subsidize the cost of your healthcare with the value of your medical record data? Of all the possible benefits...

6 min read

Feb 15, 2022

AI in Healthcare's Biggest Obstacle—Garbage Data

Virtually every important outcome in healthcare for all stakeholders involved is closely tied to the quality and accessibility of EHR data...

6 min read

Nov 22, 2021

Doctors are Required to Think Too Hard

You’ve probably heard of evidence based medicine (EBM). At its core, EBM is simply taking the best of medical research and...

3 min read

Sep 24, 2021

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