We develop products to simplify healthcare for patients, doctors, and health systems. 

Medical calculators are numerous. Doctors shouldn't have to think for these medical calculators to be automatically applied using patient data already stored in the patient chart. 

With Aicalc, they don't. One click provides meaningful recommendations directly in the EHR for medical calculators such as CHADVASCs, MELD, and many more. 

We integrate with Epic's App Orchard using SMART on FHIR and will shortly integrate with Cerner's App Gallery as well for easy installation and deployment

Examining X-ray

Doctors receive little to no training on the nuances of documenting diagnoses in the EHR and how it affects reimbursement for hospitals. There are over 69,000 diagnoses to choose from in the EHR and Hospital revenue depends on accurate diagnosis documentation.

Aicode links underutilized data in the EHR to evidence based guidelines to make selecting the right diagnoses in the EHR easy and automatic for doctors.  We call this Evidence Based Coding.

Evidence based coding ensures the best outcomes for insurance reimbursement, managing disease burden, and reducing physician burnout.

Doctor's Desk

Physicians will spend close to half their time documenting patient encounters in the EHR. It's no secret the EHR documentation experience is horrendous. 

Studies have confirmed over and over again that poor EHR documentation experience contributes significantly to physician burnout.

Ainote pulls discrete data directly from the EHR into note templates based on diagnoses for faster, easier, dynamic order capture and notation. Faster notation, reduced burnout, quicker reimbursement, better care. 

Doctor Using Digital Tablet

Patients are more than just the symptoms they present with when they see their doctor. Where they live, work, and play; how they exercise, sleep, and eat; their ancestry, culture, and lifestyle— all have huge implications for their health. Taken together, they present an important picture of the health of a community, a state, and the nation. 

Aipatient will allow real time tracking of disease processes, identify public health intervention opportunities for health systems, and provide access for patients to engage meaningfully with their community and care team to improve health outcomes. 

Holding Hands

Patient engagement is more important than ever to improving health outcomes. Patients are living longer with increasingly complex diseases and accessing, interpreting, and managing patient records is an overwhelming task for patients and providers. 

Aihealth will allow patients to engage meaningfully with their data and their care team by securing their data using blockchain technology, providing context and insight to how their choices impact their health, and keeping all their health data in one place. 

Doctor and Patient

Patient medication lists are frequently incomplete leading to confusion for the patient and doctor. Medication errors contribute to a poor healthcare experience for doctors, patients, and health systems. 

Aimed will aggregate patient medication data from all sources and secure it using blockchain technology to provide up to date medication lists for patients at the point of care. 

Interior of Pharmacy
Patient health record data is complicated.
We make it simple.